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Credit Counselling Services

Our goal is to provide debt solutions Kamloops residents can use to become money wise and acquire the necessary tools for long-term financial stability. For those already experiencing financial difficulty, credit counselling can help find solutions that best meet their particular needs. The benefits of credit counselling include:

  • Taking control of your finances; understanding your debt
  • Learning money management skills
  • Setting attainable financial goals
  • Education on the use of credit
  • Confidentially discuss your financial situation

Informal options available to resolve a debt problem range from consolidation loans, voluntary arrangements with creditors or a credit counselling program through a non-profit agency.

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Kamloops, we can help you determine the most suitable debt solutions for your situation.

Consumer Proposals Kamloops

Flexible payments are created on your personal income & ability to pay.

Personal Bankruptcy

Immediate protection from creditors. Cost is usually less than other options

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