Doug Thode

Doug Thode has dedicated himself to helping those in financial distress make sound financial decisions that affect the rest of their lives. He uses his 26 years of experience in the bankruptcy field to give knowledgeable advice to clients and provide more order for their lives.

Ann Clarke, Kamloops, BC

Ann Clarke (Retired)

Ann has a B.A. from University of Waterloo and a B.Ed. from Laurentian (now Nipissing) University. After gaining experience in banking, accounting and teaching, Ann earned her Trustee licence in 1996 while working for a mid-sized accounting firm in Calgary, Alberta. In 2005, she moved to Kamloops, BC to run an office on her own for a small independent firm and, in January, 2009, Ann founded A.Clarke & Associates Inc.

A.Clarke & Associates Inc. has helped people aged from 18 to 87, with debts as low as $5,000 to well over a million dollars. Although there can be many similarities between debt situations, as a small firm we see you as a person and not just another number. We are committed to helping individuals and small businesses find the best option to resolve financial difficulties and take the necessary steps to financial stability.

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